Seasons of Prayer

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If you know who Jesus is and He is your Savior, you will desire to raise your children to know Him as well. I believe that it is a God-given passion that will cause you to call out their names to Jesus. If you are blessed to have children following in the footsteps of Jesus, you continue to pray for their daily walk.

I believe that we go through ‘seasons’ in our walk with the Lord as God challenges us in obedience to Him. There will be times that He will give you such a heavy burden to pray that you weep before Him. It may mean that you are awakened in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep until you get up to pray.

We must be obedient when the Holy Spirit speaks to us.

The Holy Spirit may ask you to share the burdens of another mom who is praying for her children. He may require you to organize a group to meet together regularly to share and to pray.

Whatever He asks you to do, you must be obedient and you will see Him answer your prayers.

Other ‘seasons’ in our prayer-life God will give us peace, even when we do not see the outward signs of change. He will ask us to be still before Him, to listen and to wait.

In March of 2007, a small group of us began meeting together weekly in the Prayer Room at our church to pray for our children who had turned their backs on God. In the process of praying for them, the Holy Spirit also dealt with us about some of our own emotions that were hindering our prayers.

We have seen God working in the lives of our families and our relationships. We have learned to recognize the ‘little things’ that indicate change and always to give God the glory and praise.

Yes, we have also witnessed salvation and change in some of our families! Thank you, Heavenly Father!

The ‘season’ that we are in now is one of completion. No, not everyone has given his heart to Jesus, but the Holy Spirit will finish the work that He has begun!

The beautiful thing about the Holy Spirit is that He began to speak with each of us individually several weeks ago that change was coming, and that we would no longer be meeting together.

At first I was troubled by it, because we have not seen God answer all of our prayers yet. I went to our pastor, who is our covering, and just as I was beginning to speak, the Holy Spirit showed him and he told me everything that was in my heart, as confirmation.

The works of the Holy Spirit are so beautiful!

The Holy Spirit also gave an anointed word to one of our sisters to share with us, which was specifically for us and gave us great encouragement.

Only the Holy Spirit can convict a person of their sins, draw them to Jesus and save them. Our part is to be obedient to Him and to pray.

He has seen our faithfulness and heard our prayers. He is answering our prayers and He will complete the work!

We give Him praise! I am expecting great miracles! I am expecting to see a domino effect as we see all of our families turn to Jesus!

God is so good! Thank you Jesus!

Love and Prayers,

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