Remembering Dad

My dad was born in September 1902, and has been gone since 1990. As I remembered his birthday this month, I was reminded of the Christian heritage and beautiful legacy he gave us.

My nieces and nephews were also remembering him on his birthday and wrote about him on Facebook. It blessed me so much to see the honor and respect they gave to their grandfather. Here are a few of their quotes:

“I am so thankful this morning for a godly heritage and the memory of a grandpa that was a humble man in so many ways but powerful in his belief of God and disciplines of life. Thanks Grandpa Hail for paving the way for me, because of your choices I have a life that is blessed and I cherish my relationship with Jesus Christ and my family. The Hail legacy is awesome!”

“Today would have been my grandpa Hail's birthday. I miss him and his praying for me and everyone of his family everyday. What a wonderful godly man. He truly had a great influence on our lives.”

“I often attribute my Godly heritage to Grandpa Hail's prayer life. His godly widsom and insight to the scriptures were a beacon during my spiritual meanderings. Thank God for men and women like Grandpa and Grandma Hail!!”

“I often think of the time he took evey single day to call each of us by name.....and by the end of his life there were a lot of us! And as the family has continued to grow I believe it is because of Grandpa and Grandma Hail's prayers that every one of us, our children, and our grandchildren are so blessed! What a heritage we have!”

”He was and is still a great example of a godly man’s journey thru life. Humbled by the awesome love and grace of God..every day holding up in prayer his kids, grandkids, great grandkids ...those prayers are still bringing blessing to us all....because of decisions he made in his life, he has set in motion the life’s path that many of his seed will follow. His love for God and His word has truly blessed this family. Every morning when I pray for my kids, grandkids and family, calling each by their name…I remember his example. He is truly missed, but I know he is where he longed to be…with his Savior. God has blessed his life and continues to do so through his seed.”

Thank God, my parents knew how to pray, and they prayed daily for us, calling each of us by name even as the family grew. And our family grew and grew!

I am the youngest of seven and my youngest son is their 21st grandchild. They have 57 great-grandchildren and I’ve lost count of the great-great grandchildren. Most of us are serving God! I know that is because of their prayers! You know, God still hears those prayers too.
Wow! We are blessed.

My dad was a Pentecostal pastor who was still preaching until his death at age 88. I remember hearing him say, “I pray when the Lord is finished with me here that He will just take me home in my sleep.” God answered his prayer.

My mom, who was recovering from a stroke at the time, found him unresponsive in the middle of the night. Mom said that they would often sing in bed before falling asleep. That night, they had sung, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.”

The message of that song is so true. God is faithful and has been faithful in my family more times than we know.

My dad and mom both were prayer warriors and had great faith. They knew that Jesus answers prayers and they taught each of us kids that truth. We had family devotions every morning and night as I was growing up. I learned to read, before first grade, by reading from the Bible. We knelt to pray and each took our turn in praying. My dad would finish the prayer by praying for each of us by name. My mom and dad continued praying that way as long as they lived.

Thank you God, for both my parents and their godly teachings.

“I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, and My blessings on your offspring.”
Isaiah 44:3

Blessings to you and your family,

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your dad! As I read the FB remembrances from your family, they sounded so much like the comments my extended family have made about our patriarchs that have gone on to glory...I KNOW the Lord blessed me with a great Christian heritage, too, and my prayer is that it will continue on throughout the generations...we have been so blessed, Carolyn!


Thank you for sharing your comments. They are words of encouragement not only for me, but for others who stop by. I would love to pray with you for your unsaved family and share your praise reports as well. Blessings, Carolyn