Falling In Love With Jesus!

When I was in high school, I fell ‘in love’ a number of times. It was very common for us to ‘go steady’, and for most kids ‘going steady’ could last for 3-4 weeks.

That special person could excite us and cause us to feel emotions that we had never experience before. One day we might be jumping with joy and the next day be full of despair. Emotions were always changing and seemed to rule our lives at that age.

We soon learned that love would only last more than a few weeks unless we made a commitment to the relationship and to the other person. True love goes hand-in-hand with commitment.

You choose to stay in love. You choose to be faithful. You choose to look for ways to keep falling in love with this person again and again. That is true love.

I was visiting with a dear friend last week, and she shared with me her experience of salvation. She told me that Jesus had brought her from such darkness that she fell totally in love with Him. The change He brought to her life gave her so much joy and peace.

She was overwhelmed by His love for her and she wanted more and more. She was hungry to learn more about Him and to feel secure in His love. She made a commitment to serve Him forever and never go back into sin.

Falling in love with your mate can bring ecstasy at times along with many other emotions, but none can compare with falling in love with Jesus. Words can’t describe the pure joy He gives!

Human love cannot love you totally and unconditionally like Jesus does. He loved each of us in our filth of sin so much that He chose to die in our place, so that we can have eternal life with Him.

My prayer for my kids is,
“God, let them see Your beauty and Your love for them. Uncover their blinded eyes to see their sin, and to know that Your blood covers them with forgiveness, when they repent and ask You for forgiveness. Lord, I pray that they fall in love with You with a passion to be in Your presence and to make a commitment to live for You.
Thank you, Jesus!”

Do you remember the song, “I Keep Falling In Love With Him”?
It was popular several years ago and we don’t hear it much anymore. I had a hard time finding it online as well.

The video below is not much of a video, but Henry and Hazel Slaughter are singing the song, and I’m sure if you listen to it, you will enjoy.

In fact, the song will probably get stuck in your head all day.
(Pause my Playlist at bottom of page first.)

Love and Prayers,


  1. I remember that song...still have the sheet music for it...

    Beautiful post, love like the Saviour's love....

  2. Nice post ! Great to find another saved in Christ.

    God Bless.


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