Happy Thanksgiving!

The frost is on the pumpkins
Mom's in the kitchen baking pies.
We're all sitting close to the fireplace
'Cause it's kind of cold outside.

Then Dad comes in with a great big book
As he opens and starts to read,
We all get quiet, as quiet as we can,
We don't wanna' miss a word, you see.

He's telling us about the Pilgrims
And how they sailed the seas.
They were looking for a better place
Where they could raise their families.

They prayed that God would lead them
They prayed both day and night.
Then all of a sudden God answered their prayers
For there was land in sight.

Yes, God brought them to America,
And it's the greatest Nation of all.
That's why we all have Thanksgiving
To show God how thankful we are.

Written By:
Rev. Betty Byers
© 2001

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, let us do it with thanks in our hearts. Give thanks to our Heavenly Father for His mercies and for His blessings to us.

Remember to thank Him for American where we have the freedom to worship our Savior. Thank Him for our family and friends.

I’m sure that if you sit for a moment and allow your mind to think of things to be thankful for, you will be able to think of many, and it will bring joy to your heart.

"OH, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever."Psalm 118:1

My prayer for you is to have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Love and Prayers,

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