My Sister's Beautiful Example

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Life is like Coffee Movie: "Do you know people that just seem to be happier in general? Do you say to yourself, "I want to be more like them"? Often, the happiest people in the world don’t have the best of everything...they just make the best of everything!"

This video makes me think of my precious sister, Velma, who left us on Sunday to go home to Jesus.

She is the oldest of 7 children and I am the youngest. She was an excellent ‘mother’s helper’ for all of her younger brothers and sisters, even taking care of me when I was a baby while our mother was very ill. Our father was a pastor, so we are pk’s, or preacher’s kids.

Velma loved God and had a desire to preach. She became an evangelist while she was still a teenager even before going to college.

While in Bible College she found her preacher-husband and together they pastored churches for many years. They were even missionaries in Cuba, before being forced out by Castro.

She endured more hardships in her lifetime than any person should have too. Perhaps that is the reason I think, she was the strongest person I have ever known.

She certainly knew how to adjust and adapt to any situation. She would tell you though, that it was only by the Grace of God that she continued to find ways to live a full life.

She was widowed before she was 55 with no insurance and very little earthly possessions.

She moved to Oklahoma to take a job in the ORU Prayer Tower. There she ministered daily to numerous people who called in for prayer.

Her health deteriorated due to diabetes. It took her eyesight and both legs, but it did not take her spirit.

Six years ago, after the second amputation, she moved into a nursing home in California close to her daughters.

We felt so bad for her and feared that she would withdraw and isolate herself, but she did not. Again she made the best of a bad situation.

She continued to let the love of Jesus shine through her, and all who got to know her dearly loved her. The Care Center is having a special memorial service for her next week.

She became the President of the Residents, a type of liaison between the owners and the patients. She had a monthly Bible study, which grew from 3 to 22. The staff came to her with their personal and spiritual problems, asking her for prayer.

She hung onto life even when most of us would not, because she would say,
“Maybe I can lead just one more person to the Lord.”

She set a beautiful example for letting the Holy Spirit continue to use her when most people would feel that there were no more opportunities.

She found peace in her situation, because she trusted God to take care of her. Let her be an example for all of us.

Love and Prayers,


  1. So sorry to read of your loss, Carolyn...what a blessing to have such wonderful memories of your sister...

  2. Thank you Karen. I take great comfort in knowing that she is completely well now. I am very blessed to have a rich Christian heritage from not only my parents, but also from my older siblings.

  3. Carolyn, I pray you and your family enjoy a blessed week with a joy-filled Resurrection Sunday!


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